Yearly update.
The Sager is a Dream Machine. Granted, my favorite games are older (2004, 2008, 2011) so this computer can handle them with ease. Still, I like them heavily modded and graphics settings maxed, which could cause problems on a weaker laptop.

My mother-in-law passed away last week. She was the type of person you couldn't take advantage of, not because she was wary or suspicious, but because she'd recognize what someone was doing, and help them anyway. She said God knows why people do things, and He'd sort it out. I've never met anyone as generous as she was, as thoughtful, or as good a cook. I won her over quite accidentally when dating her son. She overheard me saying her biscuits were better than most people's cakes. And they were.

Ollie was 14th of 17 children, daughter of an alcoholic father. She literally went to bed hungry sometimes; I think that's why she wanted to be sure everyone had plenty to eat. I asked her once about her education. Due to her circumstances, I'd assumed she'd had to drop out of high school. Wrong. She left school at age nine, to work and bring in a little money for the family. You'd never have known that. Ollie was very intelligent and had managed to educate herself. She loved learning and passed that on to her children.

Ollie had four children, my husband the oldest, and 15 months later, his sister. 18 months later, she was in labor again. the doctor asked Bill, her husband, if he wanted a boy or a girl. As he already had one of each, he didn't care. Out came the nurse with a baby girl. "Here's your girl," said the doctor. Out came another nurse. "And here's your boy. Maybe next time, you'll make up your mind."

This isn't the kind of thing I normally post for strangers. I think it's part of my grieving process. I miss her. She lived with us a few years, before her failing health, both physical and mental, made it impossible. Two days before her death, her mind cleared up completely; she knew, she remembered, she was herself. My husband did something he doesn't do: he took a few days off work to be with her. She passed away with him at her side. He'd called us to come to the hospital, as she wasn't doing well. A few minutes later, he called and said there was no need to hurry, she was dead. My husband can be so blunt at times.

She was buried in the National Cemetary downtown, with the husband she'd missed for six years. Bill had been a Marine. Maybe I'll tell a bit about him sometime. He was also extraordinary.

Adventures with a new laptop
Well, the 2009 Asus did a harddrive suicide. I now have a 2014 Sager.

I'm in the process of installing games on it. Some take days to set up because of the mods that improve them. Skyrim and Terraria are ready. Sims 2 is next. The Sager will no doubt handle Sims 3 without a problem. Maybe I should look into getting a copy and a couple of expansions. My granddaughter keeps telling me about her legacy family.

On to Sims 2 for now. Got the Uberhood set up with Belladonna Cove as the main hood.

Almost forgot: Nvidia GTX 870M is apparently too advanced for Sims 2 to recognize. In order to change the resolution from 800x600, it was necessary to open the Nvidia control panel and set the integrated graphics of the laptop as the default graphics for Sims 2.

I guess this is an update.
It was late October of '13 before my ASUS was repaired and back home. Definitely a relief to know it will function for years to come *if* bringing it to the local repair guy remains an option. The machine does what I need, runs the games I'm interested in, and, best of all, is paid for.

Sims 2 and Spider Solitaire have become my games of choice for now. Babysitting a 3 year old makes playing any game where the avatar can get killed by a moment's inattention unappealing. My daughter and her husband are buying a house, their first, and money is tight, so my husband and I volunteered to watch the youngest grandchild. He goes to work everyday, so it's really me watching the kidlet.

She talks a steady stream. If she isn't talking, she's up to something. Orange juice in the SuperShooter most recently. Fortunately, I caught on before she sprayed anything, like the cat.

Living in the past.
My Asus gaming computer is suffering from a graphics card meltdown. It's four years old, these things happen. Replacement at this time is out of the question.

So, I retrieved the 2007 HP Pavilion laptop from under the couch, where it had been sulking since my husband replaced it a year or so ago. To keep it from unplugging at will, I taped the cord to the back of the monitor/lid, whatever it is. The break in the frame of the screen has been patched with epoxy. Looks like a blob of dough, but there's no danger of a complete separation anymore. I'm still working on cleaning the keyboard. The lefthand shift doesn't, caps lock is iffy, ctrl seems to be working properly now.

On the downside, there is no way this machine will run Sims 2, WoW, Guild Wars 2, or Skyrim. It won't even run Morrowind. No Fallout 3, no New Vegas. It will run the Prophecies campaign of Guild Wars 1, and will run The Sims and expansions.

On the upside, I never did finish the Myst series, haven't even started IV and V, so will be doing that now. Other games I'll play again are Syberia, Sims City 4 Deluxe, Space Colony, maybe even Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate. And of course, The Sims. Fortunately, I have the games and the mods all backed up.

But I really, really miss Azeroth and Nirn. And the Capital Wasteland.

Steam running fine on my Asus laptop. Finally.
Well, there is an easy fix for the Steam problem. Certain Asus gaming laptops, shipped with both Creative Technology and Realtek sound systems, really confuse Steam if both are used. Once Creative is removed via the Control Panel, Steam runs just fine. Why couldn't I have found that out a couple of years ago? It's not like I didn't spend a week searching the internet for what magically showed up a few days ago, dated 2011.
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Bought the retail version of Mass Effect because Steam is once again crashing my computer and holding my games hostage.
Jan 2012, reinstalled Windows because Steam was crashing my computer.
Nov 2012, reinstalled Windows because Steam was crashing my  computer.
Feb 2013, uninstalled Steam because Steam was crashing my computer.

Eventually I'll reinstall Windows for some other reason, and try Steam again. When it works, it's great, but from time to time, Steam has nothing but contempt for my poor, harmless computer. Each time, I've tried various solutions short of reinstalling Windows before the necessary reinstall. This time, I stopped short of reinstalling Windows and am no longer playing Skyrim or Fallout: New Vegas.

Writer's Block: Wishing Well
What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?


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